I believe that being a good designer is more than having an ability to choose the right fonts, colors and images to make a design look nice. It’s about communicating a message in a clear yet creative way. It’s about exceeding a client’s expectations. A good designer needs to implement the principles of balance, color theory, type, layout and imagery, and then use that knowledge to successfully communicate to their target audience. A good designer tells a brand story and creates an experience that makes people pay attention and take action.

With over six years of experience in web and print design, I make it a point to truly understand the needs and goals of every project I’m involved in, and I do it by having a collaborative and consultative rapport with my clients and my team.

One of the greatest compliments I’ve received:
“You are smart, fun, creative, open-minded, a quick learner and you have a good consumer eye. If plugged into the right outlet, you’re the brightest light in the room.”
Lucas Shafer, Stand and Stretch Principal